Strategy development

Imagine trading software that functions within microseconds, allows customisation of trading scripts, has seamless connectivity across the world and offers multiple language support. SmartTick is the answer, the ultimate trading strategy development software from British Columbia, Canada.

The Trading Platform of the Future:

SmartTick is making headlines and is the automatic choice for many traders, and why not? The exceptional software goes beyond providing various customisation trading tools. The software offers traders to analyse their new set of strategies against a vast existing database. Never before was there a trading strategy development software from BC, Canada this effective.All the tools and studies in the SmartTick catalogue is developed by an expert team with relevant experience in the field and excellent analytical skills.

Software Offering the Most:

SmartTick has thus been impressing clients for years now. The users can explore the market place with an added pair of eyes and ears courtesy the software. The affordable trading strategy development software from British Columbia, Canada offers hard to ignore rates for the services. Professional traders as users are the priority for SmartTick. Smarttick as custom builds trading software is a wide range of products. For instance, individual market watch list/chart, black box system, grey box system. Large volumes of data easily undergo processing through SmartTick. The data processing can happen both in the front and back-end. This makes the software second to none.

Any Way of Use:

The SmartTick trading strategy software from BC, Canada has this generous characteristic of allowing users to choose. Traders can view and trade either in traditional ways or avail modern customisation solutions. Users availing strategies from SmartTick can also execute either in a manual way or via automation.

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