SmartTick is a best in class trading software. The stock trading software from British Columbia, Canada provides unbeatable features and an amazing expanse of use. Professional traders rely heavily on this software to gain the maximum results from the market. SmartTick’s platform has been into operation for several years now.

Smart choice:

A private trader opting for the SmartTick as a customized trading strategy making software is making the perfect choice like many others from the field. Private traders, institutes in large numbers are relying on the SmartTick software. The ultimate aim of traders to improve profit and reduce the overall risk is now possible. The stock trading software from Canada provides the most modern way of support. For instance, clients come with their own set of strategies and SmartTick provides analysis. This is done by comparison with the existing database and state-of-the-art monitoring tools.

Help from Experts:

The expert development team of SmartTick has years of relevant experience in the field. The strong analytical skill with data also comes of help. The overall structure of the software platform is in itself unique and diverse. SmartTick’s multi-layered form is highly modular and offers adaptability and custom preference for the users.


SmartTick, as one of the best software of stock trading platforms from Canada offers;

  • Uniqueness like no other
  • Best quality
  • Fast deliverance of results
  • Positive results
  • A long list of satisfied clientele

Best of Modifications:

SmartTick is about affordability. The customisation solutions on offer from the software are at rates that no one else offers. The customisation solutions on offer are like:

  • Grey Box
  • Black Box system and
  • Individual market watch list/chart

Regardless of the data volume, SmartTick can process data in both front-end and back-end system. This feature makes the software second to none. At a time, around 500 symbols are traded by the users. Traders use SmartTick to improve and increase their profit. The risk factor on the other hand becomes minimal.

Professional Aid:

SmartTick provides professional traders with the following:

  • Affordable solution
  • Best of monitoring tools
  • In-depth analysis
  • Execution of trading data at the earliest
  • High levels of automation

Data Library & Automation:

Stock trading software like SmartTick from British Columbia, Canada has in store an extensive trade database of historical proportions. This allows comparison of client data through back-testing, scripting and analysing. The customisation process following it is fast. The trading robots of SmartTick do the purpose of trading even if the user is offline. The automatic way of dealing with professional traders by the software surely works in favour of the user.

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