Smarttick pro

SmartTick is trading software and is a solution to a number of private traders and institutes. The trading software helps execute a user’s trade in a few microseconds. No wonder professional traders into Forex trading from British Columbia, Canada prefer SmartTick.

All-in-One Solution:

SmartTick as a best strategy development trading software in British Columbia is an all-in-one trade managing account. The software has been capturing the headlines with its features. SmartTick offers best Forex trading platform for Windows and android in Canada through the following:

  • Affordable solution with trading data
  • The best of analytical tools
  • Extensive Database
  • Fast execution of data
  • Automation apart from manual execution

SmartTick has its own strong team of expert developers. The developers help develop studies and indicators for the software. The reason, users find the software extremely beneficial.

Smart Software:

SmartTick as a customized trading tool has an advanced layout. The multi-layer architecture of the software allows high adaptability and customization. The automated Forex trading robot from Canada offers smart characteristics:

  • Unique and never before platform
  • Superior quality
  • Fast deliverance of positive results

Easy to use software allows filtering of trading data, equity and Forex trading, display prevalent market conditions. Users gain the advantage of access to the trade market in traditional and other modern innovative ways. The modern ways are, access to various filters, and create custom columns, reminder through voice alerts and more. Trading rules are changeable in accordance of requirement.

User-Friendly Software:

This automated Forex trading software from Canada allows users to change and automate strategies and indicators pre-existing. Editing the SmartTick Trading Script Language allows such changes. The software’s robot does the trading for a user with professional traders even when offline.


SmartTick software as a product has a number of variations. The following is the list:

  • SmartTick Pro
  • SmartTick Lite
  • Android and
  • IOS

Taking into account SmartTick Pro itself, the features are quite a few;

  • Low latency rate and high volumes of data exchange
  • A setup of data centre on user’s desktop
  • Provision of multiple individual windows for the user. A display of 8000 symbols in a simultaneous manner with filtering and real-time sorting.
  • At a time a user can trade 500 symbols
  • Seamless way of data handling
  • Excellent performance of the software on modern day gadgets like Microsoft Surface Pro.
  • Supports multiple language
  • Powerful tools allowing back-testing of the software against database.

The automated stock trading software from Canada is changing the very concept of online and offline trading. Negotiating the market with the software is like having a extra pair of eyes and ears for the user.

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