A trader looking to access the market through smart devices from tablets to phones has the best solution at hand. SmartTick for mobile based Forex trading in British Columbia, Canada is fast changing the scene.

The Very Next Generation:

This software is the ultimate all-in-one manager for traders. SmartTick’s ease of use is attracting private traders and institutes alike. The software has the following characteristic traits:

  • Affordability and Totality of solution
  • Best in class trading tools for analysis
  • Execution speed in microseconds
  • Automation involvement
  • Less chances of risks
  • Improve Profitability

A driven Mobile Forex trading app in Canada like SmartTick allows analysis and strategy build-up for the users. This is done through comparing the strategies with the vast extensive database. This comparison functionality is one aspect.

The other aspect is, users gain from the studies and variable indicators on offer courtesy the SmartTick development team. The developers of SmartTick has years of trading experience and strong analytical skills.

Easy Software with Platform Suitability:

SmartTick is the best Forex app for android devices from Canada. The software can customize in terms of a user’s requirement needs. Filtering, Equity and Forex trading, Market display all is possible with quick swipes on the screen.

SmartTick allows users to access and view trade market in traditional way as well as in adaptive modern manner. SmartTick’s modern way of accessing and modifying trade market data isn’t found in other platforms. Users can enjoy:

  • Creating filters
  • Custom columns
  • Variable rules in terms of suitability
  • Voice alerts and more

The smart mobile forex trading app from British Columbia, Canada has a couple of versions. These are:

  • SmartTick Pro
  • SmartTick Lite
  • For Android Platform and
  • For IOS Platform

Superior Usability:

The API of SmartTick offers a data rich format for any mobile or desktop user. Users can connect with the software’s development or back-end team directly. This allows the users or the clients to deploy their own set of trading tools in no time.

SmartTick’s accounting server has seamless connectivity for the users. Fund clearing, access to accounting ledgers all happen in real time. The worldwide user base for SmartTick as a mobile Forex trading app from British Columbia, Canada has multi-language availability.

SmartTick is the trading platform for the next generation of traders. Testimonials for the software certify users’ preference for this reliable, fast, futuristic and adaptable all-in-one software.


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